People suffering from pollen allergies can get help at our allergy clinic in Gainesville, GA.

Pollen Allergies

Pollen Allergies

Pollen allergies are perhaps the most common form of allergies in Georgia. This article explains the common pollen allergy causes, and provides tips on controlling allergy reactions.

What is Pollen?

Pollen is a powder-like substance that is made up of microscopic grains or particles that are carried on the anthers/male parts of flowers.

Food Allergy allergens that cause allergic reactions

Food Allergies

Food Allergies – When Things We Eat Make Us Sick!

A General Overview

We are all in agreement that food is vital for life. Food sustains and energizes us. A balanced diet provides nutrients to keep our bodies functioning in tip-top health.

Food is our friend, right? Well, most of the time it is —

Insect Allergies in Georgia - Bees Wasps Mosquitoes Yellow Jackets

Insect Allergies

Beyond the Sting:
What You Should Know About Insect Allergies

A General Overview

Insect allergies, from bites and stings, are a problem for many people. Sad to say: if you are a resident of the state of Georgia, you are particularly at risk from insect bites and stings. There are many types of biting and stinging insects in Georgia.