Food Allergy allergens that cause allergic reactions

Food Allergies

Food Allergies – When Things We Eat Make Us Sick!

A General Overview

We are all in agreement that food is vital for life. Food sustains and energizes us. A balanced diet provides nutrients to keep our bodies functioning in tip-top health.

Food is our friend, right? Well, most of the time it is —

Insect Allergies in Georgia - Bees Wasps Mosquitoes Yellow Jackets

Insect Allergies

Beyond the Sting:
What You Should Know About Insect Allergies

A General Overview

Insect allergies, from bites and stings, are a problem for many people. Sad to say: if you are a resident of the state of Georgia, you are particularly at risk from insect bites and stings. There are many types of biting and stinging insects in Georgia.